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Everyone who is not a Hungarian citizen but wants to work in employment in Hungary needs local documents to do so. Third-country nationals need a work permit, EU nationals need a registration card. If you are a foreigner and a managing director of your Hungarian company and perform only tasks related to management, you do not need a work permit.

EU nationals who want to work in Hungary need not a work permit but a registration card. For that they need only any identification document that also has their photo, and they will receive the card within a few days.

  • Valid passport
  • Letter of intent or preliminary labor contract
  • Proof of qualification
  • Proof of Hungarian accommodation, with which the employee can officially register an address

When the work permit is received, your employee will also need to apply for a Hungarian social security number and a tax number.

Yes, they can. The procedure is called “family unification”, and it can include the spouse and any underage children (younger than 18 years). The procedure is typically started when the main applicant has already received their combined work permit and residence permit.

The application procedure may take up to 70 days after all documents are submitted.

The work permit will be valid for 2 years, but it can be renewed as long as the employment relationship exists.

ICT is typically used in multinational companies where the mother company is delegating specialists for a fixed term. The specialist in question must be an employee for at least 3 months, and their qualifications must also be included in the application. Additionally, the documentation on the company structure must also be presented as a proof of relation between the sending and host companies, together with a letter of intent by each involved company.

In intra-corporate transfer, the employee transferring to the Hungarian subsidiary of an international company stays on payroll at the mother company. This spares paperwork, while the employee will only pay the personal income tax in Hungary and all other taxes and contributions in their home country.

The application procedure may take up to 60 days after all documents are submitted.

It will be valid for three years, and it cannot be renewed. If the employee intends to stay in the EU, they will be required to apply for a Hungarian work permit and transfer to the Hungarian company.

Since the employee does not pay social security contributions in Hungary, they will not be eligible for healthcare in Hungary. However, since proper insurance in essential while working in Hungary, they will be required to purchase a private insurance plan for the time they spend in Hungary.

In case a foreign employee is living and working in Hungary thanks to intra-corporate transfer, they have the opportunity to be transferred to a subsidiary of the same international company operating in another EU member state within the time frame of the original permit for the intra-corporate transfer.

It will be valid for a maximum of one year, within the time frame of the intra-corporate transfer. Since this is intended to be a temporary permit, it will expire without the chance of renewal. In case the employee intends to stay longer in the EU, they will need to be employed by the local company, apply for a local work permit, and get a local social security number in order to get integrated in the local social security system.

Any document that was issued by a body of secondary or higher education that states what kind of education they provided and what kind of skills were developed under their instruction. It can be a university or a college degree; a high-school diploma is usually not enough, while it also might be required.

This can be any kind of document that demonstrates a legal connection. It is typically a business registration document or the articles of association.

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An employee can apply for a Blue Card after eighteen months of legal residence in any member state of the EU that issues the EU Blue Card.