Get all the assistance you need when moving your foreign employee to Hungary! We are happy to help you plan your whole project. Let us help you set milestones, calculate realistic deadlines, create labor contracts and apply for work permits for your foreign employees coming to Hungary. Contact us to get a project-based quote. Do you already know exactly what you need? Then see below for our list prices.

For EU nationals

Registration card: EUR 600 (+VAT if applicable)

For 3rd country nationals

Combined work permit & residence permit: from EUR 1,300 (+VAT if applicable)

Intra-corporate transfer: from EUR 1,300 (+VAT if applicable)

(includes 2 hours consultation)

For any nationals

Social security card: EUR 300 (+VAT if applicable)

Tax number: EUR 150 (+VAT if applicable)

Ongoing HR support: EUR 80 (+VAT)/ employee/ month

HR Consultancy: EUR 120 / hour (+VAT)


Tax and labor law advisory: EUR 150 / hour (+VAT if applicable)