Compliance and cost optimization

When you are planning to bring foreign work force to Hungary, there are several factors to keep in mind. Let us help you with the implementation! Optimizing the processes saves you time and money in the long run.

Some of the most important questions to clarify are:

  • How many employees are you bringing to Hungary?
  • Are these people already working for you, or you are just starting the recruitment?
  • What are the necessary qualifications?
  • When do your employees need to start working in Hungary?
  • What entity is going to employ your staff members?
  • Is that a subsidiary of your non-Hungarian company,a stand-alone Hungarian company or your foreign company?

Complete our free evaluation to see if you are well-prepared for the project – or if you need help from a dedicated and experienced team to fill in all the gaps and make relocating workers to Hungary a smooth and stress-free experience.

If the details of the project are not completely worked out and you want to make sure that all regulations are taken into consideration, we can offer an all-round project planning to plan out the course of actions to be taken.