Do I need a university degree to get a work permit in Hungary?

university degree to get a work permit in Hungary

The simple answer is no, you do not need a university degree to get a work permit in Hungary. However, you still need to prove that you are qualified for the job you want to perform in Hungary. So how does that work? Let us explain!

Your qualifications should match your work

When you apply for a work permit in Hungary, it is always for a specific position at a specific employer. It is the job that determines what kind of experience and qualifications you need, while it is the employer’s responsibility to only consider candidates who have qualifications the job requires by law.

You will be able to submit your work permit application only if you already have an agreement with your future employer in Hungary. By then, you will already know whether your qualifications and experience are enough for the position in question – otherwise your future employer would not have agreed to hire you.

Is there a minimum qualification for a Hungarian work permit?

No, there is no minimum qualification in general. You only have to prove that you are qualified for the job you will perform in Hungary. Proving that is easiest with an official document such as a college or university degree in a relevant field, or a high school diploma. However, experience can also be supported by exit documents and reference letters from previous employers.

Are you the right person for the job?

While there is no minimum qualification, it is important that you should be specifically suited for the job in question. While at a Hungarian company, 20% of the employees can be foreigners with no questions asked, employers rarely invoke this rule, and usually start the work permit application procedure by submitting a labor demand to the local Labor Office. During the application process that follows, it will be determined if the position advertised can be filled by a Hungarian employee or if it can be assigned to a third-country national who is a better fit based on their work permit application documents.

If your employer wants you for the position, there must be a reason for it. Since the Labor Office gives preference to local work force, it is the employer’s responsibility to check if there are locals who might match the job requirements – and it might not hurt to discuss this aspect of your employment as well to avoid rejection based on local competition. However, if you have unique skills relevant for the position, you have good chances; just make sure to include all relevant supporting documents in your Hungarian work permit application, whether they are diplomas or other documents.

The right person for the job gets the job

If your future employer thinks that you are the right person for the job based on your skills and having considered local work force, you will most probably get the Hungarian work permit, even if you do not have a university degree. There is no official minimum qualification as such, but the work you intend to do might have legal requirements. Apart from that, only your employer can decide what kind of experience they look for.

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